About us


Brainfart55 was founded in 2013, starting from making special candles and home decorations and created by Hong Kong and Taiwanese designers. We are continually cooperating with other brands by integrating new materials into our newest designs.

Our goal is to make boring life more interesting. We hope our designs can be presented in many creative ways by people with their spaces and lives. Everyone can integrate our products within their lives in their own style and unique presentation.

Now let’s see what kind of life style you can create with Brainfart55.

Brainfart55成立於2013年,以造型香氛蠟燭及家飾品起家,由香港與台灣設計師組成,陸續與各品牌合作,以複合媒材的方式融合出不同的設計。為了讓枯燥煩悶的生活能多點調劑,我們的設計希望在與「人、空間、生活」上營造出各種氛圍,每個人都能將我們的作品與自己做結合呈現出獨特的風貌,讓Brainfart55與你碰撞,創造出屬於你的Life Style